Family plans: follow the footprint of the dinosaurs in the Region of Valencia

Publishing date 22/07/2019

“Camins de dinosaures” (Dinosaur Trails)! The best plan for the little ones in the house. Wake up your curiosity with a different proposal that will surely fascinate you. Replicas of dinosaurs, marine reptiles, remains of mastodons ... An incredible universe that you can round off with workshops, activities and many other surprises. Should we start the adventure?
Family plans: follow the footprint of the dinosaurs in the Region of Valencia

Camins de Dinosaures” is a route to get to know the vast and varied paleontological heritage of the Region of Valencia. Sites, museums and collections distributed throughout the territory to discover and enjoy the exciting world of dinosaurs. Currently, more than ten sites with "icnitas" (dinosaur footprints) are located in the areas of Alpuente, Bicorp, Chera, Dos Aguas, Millares y Morella.


You will become explorers and archaeologists on a fantastic journey through history. A surprising route that runs throughout our territory. You will discover the ancestors of the dinosaurs and their footprints in Bejís, with the most important mid-Triassic site in the Region of Valencia. You will meet the enormous sauropods of the end of the Jurassic in the Alpuente museum and the tracks of the carnivorous dinosaurs that lived with them in the Corcolilla Cultural Site. Morelladon, the first dinosaur in Castellón, awaits you at the Morella Museum. In Cinctorres you will visit the only site with replicas of dinosaur bones from the Region of Valencia. Also, you will be able to see the dinosaurs of Els Ports in their museum. At the MUPE de Elche you will learn about animals from other parts of the world. In Millares you will walk next to the tracks of the last dinosaurs that visited our land. Finally, in Agost, there is evidence of the explosions that facilitated the extinction of most dinosaurs.

The paleontological heritage is combined in this route with the admiration of beautiful natural landscapes and the visit to charming towns, where you can enjoy the local cuisine and many more activities.

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