Immerse yourself in Modernism in the Region of Valencia

Publishing date 22/07/2019

A cultural journey that will take us to an elegant and sophisticated lifestyle. An urban and cultural transformation of our entire territory that represents Valencian values ​​with colours and monuments. That’s Modernism! An artistic movement that still embellishes the whole Region of Valencia. Let’s start!
Immerse yourself in Modernism in the Region of Valencia

From Castellón to Alicante, passing through València, the modernist art of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries left many treasures around promenades and squares. Facades and public buildings like Castellón houses “Quatre Cantons”, or “Caragols” are two of the best examples in the North of the Region. In the city of València, the house of “Punt de Ganxo” and the markets of Colón and Central, together with the Estació del Nord, illustrate the importance that the movement had for the Valencian bourgeoisie of that time. The town of Carcaixent celebrates every year the Fira Modernista, to commemorate this prosperous period of history when successful cultivation of the orange served as an economic engine. A mandatory stop to get into Modernism.

This art also came to the city of Alicante, and Alcoy is the best exponent thanks to its crucial industrial development and its socio-cultural link with the high bourgeoisie. This era of significant social changes leaves a legacy in the city that today constitutes a unique artistic heritage that is worth visiting. This trend is most evident in architecture thanks to the work of two architects: Vicente Pascual and Timoteo Briet. These two geniuses captured the vividness of Modernism in the Conservatorio de Música and the Círculo Industrial, respectively. Discover Modernism in the Region of Valencia!

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