Mindful Travel, a transformative and conscious journey through the Region of Valencia

Publishing date 18/07/2019

If you are looking for a different energy, thinking about a change or designing your next challenges: the Mediterranean is the ideal destination for your inner and transforming journey. In the Region of Valencia, you can take the first step to a healthy and balanced life. Here you will find Mindful habits and the lifestyle that you have been craving for so long. The perfect balance between physical well-being, mental health and spiritual peace! Should we go within?
Mindful Travel, a transformative and conscious journey through the Region of Valencia

Access meditation, yoga, human transformation retreats, local and healthy gastronomy, outdoor activities and outdoor sports. Get to use sustainable vehicles, transformative technologies and be in direct contact with people, their history and environment ...  All these activities go beyond slow life, wellness and physical well-being trends. With Mindful Travel, you will experience sensory experiences in an inner journey that you will never forget.

A unique experience that will make you reflect and connect with the emotional world. Through sensations, textures, images, landscapes, aromas, flavours and an infinity of feelings, you will discover the true essence of the place you visit. A connection that will open your mind, make you stronger and more creative, letting emerge the best of yourself.

Travelling transforms ourselves from inside out. It helps us to disengage from stress, pollution and daily routine. It is always a positive experience for the human being, but even more so, if the destiny allows us to return replenished and renewed.

Fill yourself with the energy of a Sun that shows up 300 days per year; find tranquillity in our natural parks, meditate in calm coves and beaches, walk towards the sea through our greenways. Here you have more than 500 kilometres of coastline to relax and reconnect with yourself. Have a great time and enjoy the present moment. A real trip back to your true Self is waiting for you!

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