Beaches in Alicante Costa Blanca

The Mediterranean coast is well known for the rich beaches of Alicante. Beaches highly regarded both nationally and internationally.

Fine sands and crystal clear waters characterize the beaches of Alicante, making it an idyllic landscape that few can resist. Precious seabed in contrast to the atmosphere of the place, will form an exquisite environment to enjoy your holiday.

Beaches of Alicante, a paradise at your feet

Enjoy an attractive and seductive environment. It features magnificent coves of splendid colours, resulting in very charming places. These are ideal sites that will fill you with peace and tranquillity. You will fill nestled in a resting environment from where you do not want to return ever!

Meet the beaches of Alicante and discover unique spots! You can also explore the numerous coves in the area. These are interspersed amid an exquisite landscape that invites the traveller to stay. Coves such as the Finestrat Cove and d'Enmig Cove in El Campello are just some of the points you should visit during your trip to the Alicante region.

Places, many of them surrounded by lush vegetation which, together with its clean waters and fine sand, become a magnificent corner.

Get relaxed on the beaches of Alicante!

Disconnect surrounded by a perfect landscape. After your bath, you can taste the delicious local cuisine in the spacious terraces of the bars and restaurants you'll find. Relax and unwind in an environment in which there is only room for tranquillity and comfort.

Enjoy a nice walk along the beaches of Alicante and then try one of the refreshing ice creams that the local shops in the area put at your fingertips. Certainly, an experience full of sensations and unforgettable moments that you shouldn’t miss!

  • Jesuitas-Cala Rincón
    Urban beach where fine and white sand on its surface contrasts with reddish walls enclosing the beach, divided into two charming creeks at the bottom of a Watchtower of the 16th century.
  • L'Altet
    A unique dune system where several vegetation endemic species are the main characteristic in this singular natural beach with fine and almost white sand and about two kilometres long.
  • La Almadrava
    The “Almadrava” is a mixture of rounded stones and sand. The so-called Punta de la Almadrava divides this boulder and sandy beach in two inlets with clear waters. Llebeig wind blowing in summer afte...
  • Img 1: La Barraca o Portitxol
    Isolated creek located at the inlet roaming from Punta Negra to Cabo Negro, area with spectacular rockies covered by Mediterranean vegetation. Creek with sand, shoulders and rocks, and very clean and...
  • Img 1: La Barreta de Gualda
    With gravel and located on the southern extreme of the yacht port, it appears as a rustic beach mainly occupied by inhabitants of the marine village where it is located.
  • La Cala (the Cove)
    A small and inviting cove used as naturist beach. The tonalities of its waters are surprisingly beautiful. It is located at the end of an area known as ‘Los Rotas’ to reach the cove there is a narrow...
  • La Caleta
    A leafy palm vegetation background is the landscape surrounding this isolated stone creek, with quiet ambience and located in the middle of a natural environment.
  • Img 1: La Gola Beach
    It can be accessed from Tamarit beach and is located next to Las Salinas nature reserve in Santa Pola. It is a natural beach with clean waters and fine sand usually frequented by nudists. A very suit...
  • La Granadella
    Beautiful creek with sand, boulders and rocks and of an almost wild exuberance only accessible along a road roaming by a deep Mediterranean pinewood. Its clean turquoise green waters make it one of t...
  • La Grava
    Located on the southern side of the port and delimited by a waterfront at a bustling urban beach with gravel offering clear waters.
  • 279461
    The swimming area located around the “La Illeta dels Banyets” archaeological site is known as the Illeta dels Banyets beach, and consists of a rocky platform and a small stone cove forming an artific...
  • Img 1: La Llobella
    With gravel and boulders, it is a rustic and very little frequented creek at which enjoying the pleasure of bathing practically alone. Very appreciated by diving keens because of its clean waters.***...
  • Img 1: La Manzanera
    Small creek with sand, gravel and boulders especially frequented by the inhabitants of the residential area with the same name, and where the daring buildings of architect Bofill, being a model of ad...
  • La Marina Beach
    Open virgin beach with fine golden sand offering clean and blue waters. Its environment is marked by an important dune strip giving the beach an attractive natural image.
  • Continuation to Cap Negret beach extending up to the fishing port. With gravel, and as the rest of beaches in the town, its waters are very clean. It is one of the most bustling beaches in Altea and...
  • La Roqueta Beach
    Open beach located within the town limits also covering, on its southern extreme, part of semi-urban area. It is bordered on the north by beach Centro and on the south by beach El Moncayo. Its fine g...

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