Museums in Alicante Costa Blanca

Discover the variety of museums in Alicante you'll find if you travel to the Valencia Region. The coastal region of Valencia, despite being a destination chosen mainly for its fabulous beaches, features also a rich cultural offer thanks to its museums, among other attractions.

Some of them are of great importance, but there also a number of smaller museums. Furthermore, different temporary exhibitions are often shown in different exhibition rooms of the town, like the Fish Market, the Provincial Council Hall of Alicante or the foundations of Savings Banks.

Major museums in Alicante

If you organize your holiday in the Valencian Region, you'll enjoy its rich culture visiting the various museums in Alicante. Among the most prominent we can name the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art, as it is the oldest building in the city, being initially conceived as grain warehouse. It is located next to the Basilica of Santa Maria, and in its halls you'll find a collection of twentieth century art, composed mainly from works donated by the artist Eusebio Sempere. In addition to these works, you will find some by Chillida, Picasso, Dali and Miro, among others.

The Gravina Museum of Fine Arts (Mubag) in Alicante, is another of the most visited museums in town. This museum is devoted mainly to painting and sculpture by artists from Alicante, from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century.

On the other hand, we must not forget the Provincial Archaeological Museum (MARQ) in Alicante, one of the museums that you must see if you visit the town. It contains funds from the archaeological sites of Torre de les Maçanes, and all kinds of archaeological pieces from throughout the province, from the Stone Age to the Modern Age. It was also awarded the prize to the European Museum of the Year in 2004.

Finally, you can visit the Museum of the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante, the most modern in town, which is located in the Port of Alicante. This modern museum of Alicante contains the history of the race since its creation in 1973 as the Whitbread Round the World Race. If you are passionate about sailing and boats, you'll love this museum.


    Air-raid shelter from the Spanish civil war, situated in the subsoil of the Alcoy Art School and the Paseo de Cervantes.
  • Collectibles Museum in Calp
    This museum was installed inside the emblematic "Torreón de la Peça" and is nourished by both private and public collections, with exhibitions of a temporary character.
  • museo
    The "Ajuntament Vell" exposition hall stands near the site occupied by the historic gateway to the ancient walled city, popularly known as "El Portalet". It was a defensive corner door that enclosed...
  • Casa museo Pedro Delso de l'Albir
    This Private Centre contains a valuable contemporary sculpture and a painting collection owned by Pedro Delso, who is considered to be the inventor of triangularism.
  • Museo arqueológico de Dénia
    The Museum presents Dénia's evolution from its origins in the Iberian period up to the XVIII century. The centre guards important and interesting elements from the Roman Era, a Mercury in bronze, whi...
  • Museo Etnológico de Dénia
    The elements and instruments necessary in the production and elaboration of Raisins form the base of the funds of this museum, which also exhibits apparel and furniture from the most prosperous perio...
  • Semana Santa de Orihuela
    This centre conserves images belonging to the seven Confraternities and Fraternities of Holy Week, with works by Nicolás de Bussi, Salzillo, Coullaut-Valera, Enrique Galarza, Víctor de los Ríos and Q...
  • Museo de la Fiesta
    It is situated in front of the church, the museum is located in the old Post and Telegraph Office in the street called Les Eres. It was inaugurated on 13th May 1995. The building has two floors in wh...
  • 1603_val_imagen2-noimage.gif
    Exhibition of costumes donated by the beauties and captains of the Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians) fiestas as well as the Julio Quesada fiesta posters and the paintings of Basonpierre.
  • Maserof Museo del Vino
    An 18th century farmhouse with all kinds of old farming equipment from all over Spain. One can find pieces from the 12th century right up to the 19th century. It is an active wine museum where all ca...
  • guitarra
    For three generations the manufacture and construction of guitars has held a national and international reputation for care and attention to detail, which has been maintained in all the phases and pr...
  • Museo histórico medieval de Guadalest
    This centre exhibits different Instruments for torture and the execution of the death penalty.
  • Img 1: House Museum of the Engineer Mira
    The centre relies on four exhibition rooms including the office of the Engineer Mira, which preserves his work and material, and the office of Luis Rivera, the town’s favourite son. The Museum has as...
    Founded in 1957. Objects from the Upper Palaeolithic, the Epipaleolithic, the Neolithic and from the Bronze Age are displayed in the museum’s chronologically ordered showcases. This museum houses one...
  • Museu Julio Quesada
    Collection of 110 works by the noted international watercolourist Julio Quesada.
  • Museo de esculturas Klein-Schreuder
    Sculpture museum.

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