Excursions in City of Valencia

It is not necessary to leave the city of Valencia to enjoy abundant natural scenery, thanks to the great number of gardens that are maintained in the city centre. We can start with the Viveros Gardens, an old recreational estate which in recent years has been extended with the addition of new plant species, or the old Turia riverbed, an area that has been laid out with leisure zones, kiddies’ play areas and sports installations. There are wide stretches of gardens down the riverbed in which one can enjoy the peace and quietness of nature right in the heart of the city.

The Mediterranean climate that Valencia enjoys makes it easy to visit the local beauty spots that surround the city and experience the famous natural light of Valencia which gives a special touch of colour to the countryside.

South of the city is the Albufera Nature Park, a small lake created when sediment from several rivers prevented their waters from reaching the sea that now has a six kilometres diameter. The area is dedicated to the production of rice, although the amount of fauna there allows hunting and fishing. La Dehesa del Mar, close to the sea, is a stretch of countryside formed of pines and sand-dunes in which several prized indigenous species live. Near, is the small fishing town of El Palmar, set on the Albufera lake, where one can go fishing and for a boat ride.

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