Gastronomy in City of Valencia

Valencia’s gastronomy is based on natural products that are at the origin of the so-called Mediterranean diet, a healthy cuisine simply prepared. For this reason, the local countryside and the sea are the main providers for Valencia recipes, outstanding of which is the “paella”, which can be of meat, shellfish or mixed, holding pride of place on the menu. Rice, of course, is also used in a majority of typical dishes, prepared in a wide variety of ways from rice in the oven (al horno), “a banda”, prepared with fish, or also black rice done in squid’s ink in which it is served. Fish is the main item in many typical recipes such as “all i pebre”, a dish of eels seasoned with garlic and pepper, or “fideuà”, made of noodles in fish and shellfish broth.

Valencia also offers a wide variety of sweetmeats which, for the most part, are based on cereals and nuts as inherited from Moorish culture. To be tried are the “rosegons”, the “arrop i talladetes”, or the pastries made of the extract of a kind of sweet potato called a boniato and “cabello de angel” or “angel’s hair”, made from the extract of a type of local melon. These are popular at Christmas time.

As for produce to be drunk, a wine list exists with a guarantee of origin whose texture and taste have already carried its fame beyond Valencia’ s borders. A glass can also be filled with “Valencia water”, a mixed drink of orange juice and sparkling wine which adds a delicious touch to Valencia’s gastronomy.

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