Water Sports in Valencia Terra i Mar

  • Img 1: Brisas de Valencia
    Based in the Pobla Marina Leisure Port, this company mainly offers charter sailing services for the America’s Cup and related events. They provide a complete package that includes boat trips followin...
  • Img 1: Club Cullera Garbí
    This school has been operating for over a decade, offering windsurfing and catamaran courses. It also sometimes offers jet ski lessons, and is open all over the summer and at Easter. The school is lo...
  • Img 1: Club Náutico Canet d´En Berenguer
    This port, which marks the moorings limit between Valencia and Castelló, is publicly owned and is managed by the Regional Valencian Government. The fact that all the moorings are priced for pu...
  • Img 1: Club Náutico de Cullera
    The club has its installations on the left bank of the mouth of the river Jucar, where it meets the sea, which permits craft to line up in this port, the only fluvial port of the entire Region of Val...
  • Img 1: Club Náutico de Oliva
    The sailing club is one of the main points of attraction of a town that marks the limit between Valencia and Alicante. It is located in the dock of La Goleta, where two breakwaters enter the sea to o...
  • Img 1: Club Náutico del Perelló
    The maritime quarter of Sueca hosts this pretty port whose quays are set on the right bank of the canal that joins the sea with the Albufera. Approximately 50 moorings are classified for public use....
  • Img 1: Club Náutico Port Saplaya
    The residential estate that gives the port its name shelters its installations to the point that the moorings are practically at the door of the houses, which give it an individual character. The doc...
  • Img 1: Club Piragüismo Cullera
    On the south bank of the Júcar River, this club is a reference point in town, because some of the better-known canoeists in the country have been trained here. To watch how they train is a spe...
  • Img 1: Delfín Cullera (Fedas)
    Throughout the year, this centre gives FEDAS and PADI training courses at all levels which can be followed on-line. Revision tests and a virtual tutor are also available. Exams and practical classes...
  • Img 1: Escuela de Vela Alboraya
    Located inside Port Saplaya Dock is a municipally-owned sailing club run by the Valencia Region Sailing Federation. The school deals mainly in courses for beginners and has two model 595 craft, highl...
  • Img 1: Escuela de Vela Mediterránea
    Temporary beachfront installations located north of the yacht club, on Gandia beach. Services include tuition and hire for windsurfing and light sailing and sea kayaks are also available. Open at Eas...
  • Img 1: Escuela de Vela Tiempo Libre Antares
    This sailing school organises charter sailing and also sells and hires out boats. It specialises in cruiser and dinghy sailing at all levels. Its facilities are in the Pobla Marina Leisure Port.
  • Img 1: Gandia Surf
    Located on the northern beach of Gandia, this school makes the most of the conditions offered by its location, providing courses for beginners up to advanced, in accordance with the different winds t...
  • Img 1: Kite Surf Oliva
    Located together with Oliva Nova Golf, the tranquillity of the area, with the constant Garbí and Lleveig winds, which on summer evenings range from between 12 and 30 knots, make this beach a s...
  • Kitepower_tabla
    Kitepower & F-One ProShopCentre Valencia, is a kite schools approved by the Sailing Federation of Valencia. It is a young company that started as a kiteboarding school in 2010, covering the deman...

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