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Pick up the binoculars and fall in love with...

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Pick up the binoculars and fall in love with the exciting world of birds: observe and photograph them and enjoy their habits, shapes and sounds.

The Region of Valencia offers a wide variety of bird species throughout the year as well as different habitats where they can be observed: wetlands, rocky outcrops, lakes, rivers, cliffs, steppes, etc. There is a network of protected natural areas, with specific infrastructure for the proper and comfortable observation.

Increasingly, there are more guided tours with experts and activities related to the world of ornithology in the Natural Parks in the Region of Valencia. Don’t miss it! There’s so much nature!

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The Valencian Ornithological Society offers detailed information on the species that can be observed in the Region of Valencia.

More information at: Bird observatory of the Albufera of Valencia.

Valencian Birding Guides Association

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