Active tourism in the Region of Valencia

Imágenes de turismo activo en la Comunitat Valenciana (senderismo, btt y kayak)

Active tourism is the perfect choice to spend a few days close to nature, whether in the mountains, in the countryside or along the coast. That is why Valencia Region has wide and diverse range of offers in adventure tourism for all tastes and the whole family.

Get ready for adventure in Valencia Region. Hike by routes and approved footpaths, practice adventure sports in natural areas or travel along the coast or kayak can also be your allies.

  • Escalada

    The ValenciaRegionoffers you plenty of opportunities to practice climbi...

  • MOntañismo

    The slopes of the Iberian mountain range and the Baetic mountain ranges cross the Valencia Region, creating a coastal plain that runs across it from north to south until it reaches the north of the...

  • Orientación en la montaña

    Either walking or running, usually on foot and cross-country, participants must pass a series of established checkpoints using only a compass, some clues and a map.

  • Parapente

    Or... to leap into nothingness from the slope of a mountain, and fly hanging from a special type of parachute which is directed and controlled by the pilot by pulling on different cables. The Valen...

  • Puente tibetano

    Also called a monkey bridge, it is a traditional Tibetan structure used to cross canyons, rivers or vertical passes. It is made up of three intertwined ropes: two of them are parallel, to be graspe...

  • Puenting en Dos Aguas

    Jump into the abyss from a bridge. Participants are secured by a harness and an elastic rope that goes from one side to the other of the cavity of the bridge. Participants follow a pendulum-like mo...

  • Rutas en quads eléctricos

    A motorcycle with four wheels and, by extension, driving four-wheel drive motorcycles through forest trails or duly prepared circuits. This activity is often carried out in groups and led by specia...

  • Raids de aventura

    A multi-disciplinary competition meant to put your capacity for endurance, navigation, and survival in fully autonomous teams. Contestants must complete an extensive orientation circuit in the shor...

  • Descenso de barrancos y rapel con Dondetuquieras

    A climbing technique that allows you to use a rope to descend along vertical surfaces or cliffs. Apart from the rope, participants wear a harness and use a device called a descensor, whose design m...

  • Raquetas de nieve

    This mountain activity is carried out during the winter months, and it involves following trails in which the accumulation of snow makes the use of snow rackets necessary. Even though snow does not...


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