Active tourism in the Region of Valencia

Imágenes de turismo activo en la Comunitat Valenciana (senderismo, btt y kayak)

Active tourism is the perfect choice to spend a few days close to nature, whether in the mountains, in the countryside or along the coast. That is why Valencia Region has wide and diverse range of offers in adventure tourism for all tastes and the whole family.

Get ready for adventure in Valencia Region. Hike by routes and approved footpaths, practice adventure sports in natural areas or travel along the coast or kayak can also be your allies.

  • Rutas a caballo

    A peaceful way to enjoy nature and the scenery whilst travelling with groups or family. The Valencia Region, with its long equestrian tradition, offers may opportunities of carrying out horseback t...

  • ruta fluvial

    The river Júcar allows you to carry out a river cruise that is about thirty kilometres long through the areas with the most dramatic canyons offered by the river Júcar, from which you may observe t...

  • Todo terreno

    This activity is based on riding four-wheel drive or quad vehicles through paths that are difficult to access for ordinary vehicles. The trails must be carried out following paths that are permitte...

  • Supervivencia
    You will learn, through a number of activities meant to teach you skills on how to survive in nature without relying on anyone else.
  • Tallers de naturaleza

    Schools or seminars in which you learn about nature-related activities through practice. They are meant for all audiences, even though many of the activities are thought for a school-aged public. P...

  • Tiro con arco en el Mas de Xetà

    A sport based on precision and concentration, and whose ideal medium is the natural environment. A bow is made from a body ending in two flat, flexible ends to which a bowstring is tied, and which....

  • Tirolina

    An activity in which participants slide down a steel or rope cable between two faraway points, secured around the waist. This activity is very much in demand in adventure sports circuits.


  • Rafting

    Sailing down tumultuous rivers in oar-powered, inflatable rafts for several people. In this activity teamwork is crucial, as the vessel can only be directed through co-ordinated movements of the oa...

  • Vías ferratas en la Comunitat Valenciana

    Climbing a rocky slope that has been previously fitted with metal steps to help you climb. Participants are kept safe by ropes or webbings connected to a cord (lifeline). This activity is not suita...

  • Almost three quarters of the entire Valencia Region is made up of limestone, which promotes the formation of cavities as a consequence of the processes of dissolution of water as it filters into th...


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