Vall de Pop BTT (MTB) Centre

Vall de Pop BTT (MTB) Centre

The Vall de Pop mountain biking centre has is starting point in the town of Parcent, in Alicante. The Vall de Pop is a valley surrounded by the Marina mountains, a place where history and nature combine to create a landscape with a unique personality. From the Vall de Pop mountain biking centre, from Parcent, you can delve into a world of sensations on your bike, in which the mountain ranges of La Serrella, Aixortà, Bérnia, Cavall Vert and Carrascar reveal towns, hamlets and abandoned morisco settlements which, along with grapevines and almond trees grown on terraces, have maintained the tradition of dry stone construction alive for centuries. 

Vall de Pop BTT (MTB) Centre

The Vall de Pop mountain biking centre offers you the possibility to carry out up to ten trails with varying difficulty levels, for a total length of 276 km, starting from several locations: Dénia, Castell de Castells, Benissa and Calpe. Route number nine offers the possibility of connecting to the sea, as it reaches the town of Denia, at the information centre.

NombrePto. acogidaDificultadDistanciaTiempoDesnivel
1Sant Joan de MosqueraPto. acogida Parcent213,42 km1h 15'124 m
2Los campos de MurlaPto. acogida Parcent19,65 km1h 05'206 m
3 La ruta del moscatelPto. acogida Benissa220,10 km2h 15'352 m
4La Vall de Laguar-La Vuelta al Cavall VerdPto. acogida Parcent328,63 km3h 30'725 m
5El camí de la PansaPto. acogida Parcent324,75 km3h 15'539 m
6La Sierra de la AixortàPto. de información Castell de Castells429,18 km3h 45'1.053 m
7Sierra de BerniaPto. acogida Benissa428,54 km4h 30'764 m
8Vall d'Alcalà Pla de PetracosPto. de información Castell de Castells450,50 km6h 15'1.113 m
9De Parcent a la mar. La marjal de Pego Oliva Pto. acogida Parcent355,22 km5h 30'877 m
10Calpe-Vall de Pop. La Sierra de OltáPto. información Calpe216,572h 30'728 m
  • 1 Very easy
  • 2 Easy
  • 3 Hard
  • 4 Very hard

Details of interest:

Vall de Pop mountain biking centre meeting point
Vall de Pop mountain biking centre
Hotel Casa Júlia
Avenida de la Constitución, 30
03792 Parcent (Alicante)
Telephone: +34 966 405 050

Services at the starting point:

  • Bicycle rental
  • Bicycle cleaning point
  • Locker rooms and showers
  • Food and lodgings

Leaflet and map of the Vall de Pop mountain biking centre

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