Festivities of Mery Magdalene

Festivities of Mery Magdalene
“Un esclat de llum sense foc ni fum” (a explosion of light without fire or smoke). This is the most popular description of the gaiata, the monuments which, as explosions of light, are the base of the festival in memory of the moving of the townspeople to the flat ground where the city extends nowadays. The festival takes place during nine days with a complete programme including the pregó, which is the cavalcade announcing the festival, the pilgrimage to the hermitage of Mary Magdalene and the flower offering. However, there are innumerable acts which stand out because of music and gun powder.
  • Details:
  • Type: Interés turístico internacional
  • Town: Castellón de la Plana
  • Start date: 27/02/2016
  • End date: 06/03/2016
  • Tercer sábado de Cuaresma

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