Costa de Azahar BTT Center

Costa de Azahar BTT Center
The Costa de Azahar BTT Centre is located in the village of Torreblanca (Castellón). The location of the peption centre in Camping Torrenostra is a strategic point to discover the natural parks of Desert de les Palmes, Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca and Serra d'Irta. The landscapes, where the routes emerge, are so beautiful and they shape a different scenario open to the Mediterranean, where traditional coastal tourism is combined with the active, cultural and sports tourism by the proximity of these mountains to the coastal strip. The ten proposed itineraries invites us to discover hidden unusual corners on the coast, archaeological remains, manor houses, abandoned house farms, hermitages, watchtowers and modernist urban areas. It is a good combination of culture and nature that complements the permanent presence of the sea.
Costa de Azahar BTT Center
The centre BTT Costa Azahar offers the possibility of a total of ten routes, with different difficulties and with a total length of 212 km. The information points located in Peñíscola, Benicassim and Desert de les Palmes are proposed as starting points for the various routes in addition to the Camping Torrenostra. The route No. 10 called Camino del Litoral, not away from the seaside, connects the villages of Benicàssim and Peñíscola, and the Vía Verde del Mar between Benicassim and Oropesa is one of the main attractions of this route.
NombrePto. PartidaDificultadDistancia (Km)Tiempo (h)Desnivel (m)
1El Prat de Cabanes TorreblancaPto. acogida Torrenostra114,501h 15'48
2Capicorp y el CampàsPto. acogida Torrenostra113,361h 05'33
3Los montes costerosPto. acogida Torrenostra229,003h 15'342
4La ermita de San AntonioPto. información Peñíscola25,820h 30'364
5La colada del marPto. información Peñíscola219,222h241
6Mas del señorPto. información Peñíscola328,563h 30'598
7El BartoloPto. información Desert de les Palmes212,001h 10'494
8El desierto de las PalmasPto. información Desert de les Palmes414,502h 35'498
9La ermita de Les SantesPto. información Desert de les Palmes421,503h 30'823
10Camino Litoral. De Benicàssim a PeñíscolaPto. información Benicàssim354,005h 20'412
  • 1 Very easy
  • 2 Easy
  • 3 Hard
  • 4 Very hard

Details of interest:

Costa Azahar BTT Center Reception Point
Costa Azahar BTT Center
Camping Torrenostra
Torrenostra Beach
12596 Torreblanca (Castellón)
Phone: +34 964 425 037

Facilities of the reception point:

  • Bicycle Rental
  • Washing bicycle stations
  • Changing rooms and showers
  • Accommodation and catering

Useful telephone numbers:
Tourist Info Torreblanca: +34 964 421 212
Tourist Info Peñíscola: +34 964 480 208
Tourist Info Oropesa del Mar: +34 964 312 320 / +34 964 314 134
Tourist Info Benicàssim: +34 964 300 102

Cities nearby:
Torreblanca - Torrenostra

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