Monuments in Valencia

  • Basílica de Santa María Elx/Elche

    The Basilica Santa María was built upon an ancient mosque, a Gothic temple that stood until the XIV century when it was demolished and reconstructed in the XVI century in the Gothic-Renaissance style. This structure also didn’t last; the current basilica belongs to th...

  • Murallas y Torres

    The walled enclosure was used by the Christians to protect them from the surrounding Muslim populations. The wall was reconstructed, with modifications and restorations. The walls were once plagued with towers, from those that have survived are highlighted the Torre de Calaforra and the Towe...

  • Iglesia de San José Elx/Elche

    The old Convento de San José, once home to Franciscan friars, passed on to become a hospital in the XVIII century. At the moment it houses the library, and municipal files. Its’ highlights are the Baroque Church and the cloister.

  • Municipal Park

    The Municipal Park is part of Elx’s Palmeral, declared Human Heritage Monument by the UNESCO. Besides the impressive views of a six-hectare palm tree esplanade, the park has other constructions such as the Molí del Real (Royal Mill), the Bandstand, a dovecot, an...

  • The masonry tower has a house built on to it. Its interior is divided into four floors communicated by a spiral staircase.

  • Altamira Palace

    The military fortress of the Palacio de Altamira formed part of the ancient wall and is an excellent fortification that also was accommodation for kings and nobles. Nowadays, it is home to the MAHE, Archaeological Museum of the History of Elx.

  • The decorated tiles are one of the outstanding features of this Baroque building, a palace made up of three floors, its’ architectural forms are finished in white. It is located outside the city walls, and is currently home to local shops and offices.


    The tower is inside the patrimonial group. At the moment it has four floors.

  • Img 1: Huerto Del Cura (included within the Palmeral Complex, Human Heritage)
    With an extension of more than 13.000 square metres of tropical and Mediterranean plants, this exotic garden was declared National Artistic Garden in 1943. Also, exhibits the only example of a date palm with seven children, known as the Imperial Palm tree.
  • Archaeological Site of l'Alcudia

    Two kilometres outside the city there is a hill, a rich archaeological location that corresponds to several superposed cities, from Neolithic times to Visigothic times. Five millennia of history lie in an area of ten hectares in which the Dama de Elche was found.


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