Monuments in Valencia

  • La Font del Centenari de El Campello
    Inside the Central Park you can find the Fountain of the Centenary. That name was chosen to honour the town after its centenary as a municipality independent from Alicante, an anniversary held in 2001. The fountain has a radius of 18 meters, from which a central ring with 200 nozzles of spray water...
  • Homenaje a El Campello
    Sculpture created by sculptor Francisco José Maestre and granted by the Foundation Manuel Pelaez, belonging to ECISA Construction Company. This sculpture adorns the roundabout linking San Bartolome Street and Furs Avenue. It honours the town of El Campello as it is decorated with ships sails,...
  • Conjunto escultórico de Carmen Fraile en El Campello

    Within the Central Park of El Campello, very close to the Fountain of the Centenary, you can find a sculpture set by Carmen Fraile.

    'The Spinner, the Menaor and the Mena'

    This group consists of two life-size sculptures and a high relief on a concrete wall that refer to the work...

  • Conjunto Artístico en las Rotondas de la Calle San Ramón en El Campello


    When accessing El Campello through the N-332 road from Alicante, you find the first roundabout with a big gush of water which rises over nine meters. The water column, which gives its name to the roundabout, is surrounded by a four meters dome with more drives. Here...

  • Casa de Cultura
    This construction, of Renaissance style, was during centuries the Chapter House, being located the prison in the inferior plant. Its notoriety is due to the masonry façade, with a Gothic palace aftertaste. To this style belongs the arch of the entrance, to whose left was the access to the old prison...

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