Vegetables or Region of Valencia


This inventory of Valencian food cannot be concluded without making reference to a chapter that is as unique as it is considered modest. This is the case of vegetables and legumes from the Land of Valencia's famous “huerta” or market gardens surrounding the city and along the riverbanks.

One dish which is probably more frequently eaten than the paella is the so-called bullit, consisting of boiled vegetables like chard, green beans, onion and potato, a simple entrée usually eaten at dinner time. Using broad beans, peppers, artichokes, aubergines, cardoons, calabashes and turnips, thousands of different dishes can be made, starting with imaginative salads and perhaps concluding with assorted vegetables from the grill.

According to Valencian gastronomy scholar Carlos Llorca, turnovers called empanadas, pizza-like cocas and minxos form part of a select gastronomic lineup, especially in Alicante province. These are usually stuffed with different vegetables (chard, peas, onion, peppers and aubergine) or covered with dried meats, sausages or salted and dried fish, resulting in delicious creations as good as the finest of pizzas. 

Frutas en el mercado de Valencia

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