Rural tourism areas in the Region of Valencia

  • Drawing of La Tinença de Benifassà

    The landscape of the area impresses the spectator with the selfsame intensity of old, as befits a habitat unaltered by the human hand. With its varying relief of spectacular mountain....

  • Drawing of waterfall in el Alto Palancia

    The river Palancia, fed by numerous tributaries and springs, waters the fertile orchards of the district, snaking briskly through mountain gorges and slowing down to feed quiet pools hidden....

  • Drawing of Penyagolosa

    The district of l'Alcalaten and La Plana basically has two kinds of scenery. Narrow valleys lie between the folds of the mountains, where unirrigated croplands and small market garden...

  • Drawing of Els Ports Maestrat

    The Els Ports and Maestrat districts offer visitors the chance to enjoy nature at its very best, with verdant forests interrupted by craggy peaks, sharp ravines, a hermitage here and there,....

  • Drawing of La Calderona

    Covered in woods, crisscrossed by gullies that force the footpaths up and down, and sprinkled with a number of springs and fountains (Llentiscle, Vella, Sentig, Berro, Poll, Saladilla, Sant Antoni,...


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