Rural Tourism in the Region of Valencia

Rural tourism is an ideal way to spend a few days getting closer to nature, in the mountains, the countryside or by the sea. The Region of Valencia has a wide range of rural tourism options, something to suit everyone, along with comfortable accommodation offering top-of-the-range services. Get ready for adventure and take part in a number of active tourism activities, and be captivated by the traditions of the villages scattered throughout the Costa Blanca, Valencia Terra i Mar and Castellón Costa Azahar. By opting for rural tourism, you can explore the Region of Valencia further inland by following its official signposted routes and paths, which will take you into protected areas with a beautiful natural kaleidoscope of landscapes.

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  • Drawing of La Calderona

    Covered in woods, crisscrossed by gullies that force the footpaths up and down, and sprinkled with a number of springs and fountains (Llentiscle, Vella, Sentig, Berro, Poll, Saladilla, Sant Antoni,...

  • Drawing of town in Rincón de Ademuz

    These Valencian lands located in an enclave, or corner (rincón) of terrain, between the provinces of Cuenca and Te...

  • Drawing of view in Alto Mijares

    The mountain areas of Alto Mijares and part of the L'Alcalatén are dominated by the Penyagolosa peak to the north and the Espina- Espadán mountains to the south. They offer travellers a v...

  • Drawing of La Plana de Requena Utiel

    The Plana de Requena-Utiel, the Valencian fringe of the meseta of La Mancha, is located in the westernmost and highest part of the province of Valencia. As we approach this district,....

  • Drawing of Los Serranos

    The district of Los Serranos is located in the northwestern section of the province of Valencia, on mountaino...

  • Drawing of La Canal de Navarrés

    Set in the heart of the Land of Valencia, the eight towns within the district called La Canal de Navarrés are distri...

  • Drawing of El Valle de Ayora

    To the southwest of Valencia, bordering on the neighbouring province of Albacete, there is a stretch of fertile land watered...

  • Drawing of La Hoya de Buñol

    The springs and excellent waters are still very apropos in this district watered by the rivers Magro, Juanes, Buñol, Mijares and...

  • Drawing of La Serra Mariola

    A meeting with the Mariola is magical. At each step, on any well-worn or well-hidden forest track, on any wind-ing pathway, many surprises await the wanderer: hills, valleys and ravin...

  • Drawing of La Costera/La Vall D'albaida

    The Costera and Vall d'Albaida districts, dominated by mountains and irrigated by streams that feed their fertile market gardens, offer fine landscapes providing the traveller with a....

Turismo rural en la Comunitat Valenciana

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