Nautical stations in the Region of Valencia

The Region of Valencia has come up with new and exciting attractions for visitors: Nautical Stations. Their services, facilities and activities offer the possibility of enjoying the sensation of being in touch with the sea and the fabulous surrounding landscape of the Valencian coastline. Explore them through the webcams, and navigable images offered in the complete nautical guide to the Region of Valencia. You can also find up to the minute weather forecasts to guarantee maximum enjoyment of the sea.
Sailing, surfing, skin-diving, boat rental, excursions and all kinds of nautical leisure activities are the perfect excuse to spend a few days enjoying the excellent accommodation and leisure activities on offer in the immediate vicinity of the stations, at any time of the year.
What does a water sports resort offer?
The concept of a water sports resort is similar to that of a ski resort, but adapted to water sports and physically located in a coastal tourist destination. They offer packages that include courses and water sports activities, the equipment required for each one, and accommodation for the days you will be carrying out these activities.
They also offer all-inclusive packages that include accommodation plus water sports activities such as sailing, canoeing, diving or equipment rental, among other things, whilst also offering other complementary sports and cultural activities, restaurants, shopping and nightlife alternatives, always placing the emphasis on quality in the provision of all these services.

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